Maintenance services for forklift attachments


Stabautech’s stationary workshop and warehouse are located at 31 Metalowców Str. in Wrocław. Our team of qualified mechanics constantly ensures the highest quality of attachments preparation and makes sure that the attachment always reaches the customer on time. In addition to the large range of attachments in our rental fleet, we also have a wide range of second-hand, used attachments available after comprehensive refurbishment in our workshop.


To meet customer expectations, we provide after-sales service for attachments in the form of a mobile service. Excellently equipped and trained service technicians provide on-site assistance. In addition to standard maintenance work during the warranty period, we provide support in the area of attachment assembly, repairs, condition verification, hydraulic parameter adjustment, clamp force measurement, modification of existing equipment, regeneration of wear parts, fork straightening, crimping of hydraulic hoses, and much more. For service requests or questions, please email:


In response to our own needs and the growing demand of the external market, a metal processing department was established at Stabautech. We provide metalworking services including milling, chiselling, turning and welding. We work on conventional machines.

We are happy to accept orders for short runs, single parts and prototypes. Our team has 30 years of experience. To find out more about the capabilities of our metalworking department, please contact us by email:


One of the services provided by the mobile service is fork straightening. Straightening does not require the forks to be removed from the forklift truck! The maximum fork cross-section is 120x50mm. In order to prepare a quotation, please provide the fork cross-section and send us some photos showing the curvature. For enquiries, please send an email to:


One of the most important parameters for clamps is the clamping force of the attachment. According to the Office of Technical Inspection requirements, in order to guarantee safe handling and to minimise the risk of damage to the goods, it is necessary to adjust and periodically check the clamping force between the arms/forks of the attachment. Stabautech’s mobile service provides services for measuring and adjusting the attachments according to the customer’s specifications or based on the loads handled. We are equipped with up to three single-point cylinders for quick measurement of clamping force and leakage checking of the cylinders, as well as a 4-point device dedicated to plate clamps. In addition to force, the clamp arm geometry is also checked. For enquiries, please send an e-mail to: