Hydraulic Lifting Forks

Hydraulic Lifting Forks

With hydraulic lifting forks, additional lifting heights can be achieved. In pairs, hydraulic lifting forks operate with 100% synchronism. In combination with a standard fork, a hydraulic lifting fork is used for leveling. Hydraulic lifting forks are also available in combination with other attachments, such as telescopic forks and / or fork positioners.
When placing an order, please indicate fork distance A.
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Product specification

ModelLoad capacityLC (LSP) pairISOLCross section
D x S
KHGVCoG (ESP)Weight per pair
S1-HGZ 15 200150050021000100 x 4520082024075150220
S1-HGZ 15 300150050021000100 x 4530084024075145225
S1-HGZ 15 500150050021000100 x 45500109024075135260
S1-HGZ 25 200250050021000125 x 4520082026575165250
S1-HGZ 25 300250050021000125 x 4530084026575160255
S1-HGZ 25 500250050021000125 x 45500109026575140295

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